October 22, 2012

Read and write PostGIS rasters with FME Beta now!

It's done! FME 2013 Beta reads and writes rasters from and to PostGIS! Safe Software posted a short tutorial in YouTube at the beginning of the month explaining how to write rasters into PostGIS and how to read them back using FME Workbench. There is no option to tile the raster before loading it because FME provides another tool, the "RasterTiler" transformer, to tile a raster source before feeding the PostGIS Writer.

FME Workbench provides plenty of other tools to manipulate rasters before writing them to PostGIS or after reading them. You can for example create a mosaic from many rasters, georeference a raster or create a new raster using a map algebra expression.

A number of other issues related to PostGIS have also been fixed in the current beta:

  • Added support for new 3D geometry types in reader and writer (PR#40339)
  • Added support for Compound Curves in Multicurves (PR#30317, PR#32936)
  • Fixed some problems in PostGIS 2.0 support (C57751 C58005, C58619, C60664, C61360, C61794, PR#32936, PR#39490)
  • Fixed escaping of special characters in string literals to avoid an unwanted warning (C44557, C57725 PR#29298, PR#32905)
  • Improved client encoding handling (C55816, PR#37045)
The Beta is available for download.

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